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What is Coaching?

I have been asked quite a bit what it is I do as a coach. It is quite a lot simpler than most might believe. I had been working as a personal trainer at a local all women’s gym and loved it! I had many wonderful clients and built many friendships, some of which I still […]

Progress Photo

  PROGRESS ALERT: Time for a little vulnerability… a progress photo. Let me be clear that this is not an “after” photo but a photo of where I am at the present time. To be totally honest, I am not where I thought I’d be 1 year from having Lola. I have had MANY obstacles […]

Strawberry & Spinach Salad

Recipe: 2 cups spinach 1 hard boiled egg (I left a little of the yolk in–do what you prefer) 1/2 cup fresh strawberries cut up 4 oz of chicken breast (grilled or baked) Sprinkled a mix of seeds and dried cranberries on top I did not use any dressing but you can use a balsamic […]

Banana Nut Pancake Shakeology

Sweet & Salty Shakeology Recipe

A fun chocolate shake recipe that I found that even the coffee lover might like!!

Mexican Quinoa Bake

Mexican Quinoa Bake (found recipe at this site) I found this recipe and it is DELISH!!! I LOVE that it fits into the 21 Day Fix program!!! My husband and kids loved it as well!!             Makes 4 servings Each serving = 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 red […]

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids!

Misconceptions of Coaching

I have had many conversations about what I do as a coach and the misconceptions I had about it. Here are the things I hear often from people who may be interested in this business…. I even had my doubts until I was educated. I was so far off! MISCONCEPTIONS 1. You have to be […]