Misconceptions of Coaching

I have had many conversations about what I do as a coach and the misconceptions I had about it.

Here are the things I hear often from people who may be interested in this business…. I even had my doubts until I was educated. I was so far off!



1. You have to be at the top, or joined when they launched the opportunity to make any money!
FALSE. With this company structure, every coach that joins is at the top of their own organization. If you don’t have an organization below you yet, it’s because you didn’t BUILD one yet. You have the chance to surpass any of your upline mentors in income if they are not working the business and YOU are. This is an EQUAL opportunity.

2. You have to invest hundreds of dollars to make any money.
FALSE. It costs $39.95 to start your business and have access to everything Beachbody for your business, and a $15.95/mo website fee. You can make money on commissions whether you’ve ever bought anything or not. It’s just that if you’re in this for the money and don’t believe in, or use the programs, your business won’t go anywhere. Most will spend $40 on a night out or on a shirt without giving it any thought versus investing in a business that could change their life physically and financially. You can and should invest in a new product as you start out, but it’s not required. A club membership and Shakeology is only required if you want to receive Shakeology customers assigned to you. I love Shakeology and it truly did change my life, so I’d be on it even if I weren’t a coach, and a $38 per qtr club membership is WELL WORTH getting Shakeology customers and commissions monthly. Still, the additional Club membership & Shakeology is a CHOICE (a smart one) to get healthier nutrition & assigned customers, NOT REQUIRED.

3. You have to be a fitness pro, or at least LOOK like one, have a lot of fitness friends, or in the fitness industry to do well.
FALSE. The majority of Top 10 coaches over the years have been hard-working people from all different professions and backgrounds who were on a fitness journey & wanted to support & inspire others along their way.

4. I’m a parent and work full-time so I couldn’t do this.
FALSE. If you have time to read this, you make time to work out, you make time to connect with others, then you’re able to make time for this. Most top coaches have built their businesses while parenting & working full-time. Wayne Wyatt.. Top Coach 2 yrs in a row -awesome guy with 6 kids, an Orthodontist and owns Ortho clinics… I’d say he’s pretty busy and he still has time to improve his health and the health of others!

I could go on but I’ll stop there. These are just a few misconceptions I personally have had and now always hear from others. I don’t blame them; they just haven’t been educated on the facts.. so I felt the need to put this out there. Feel free to message me (www.facebook.com/kimberly.ough) and we can chat about YOUR hesitations. Believe me…..I hesitated for 2 months before joining, but I am SO glad I did! I would not be where I am today making a FULL time income at home had I not joined!

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