Progress Photo



Time for a little vulnerability… a progress photo. Let me be clear that this is not an “after” photo but a photo of where I am at the present time.

To be totally honest, I am not where I thought I’d be 1 year from having Lola. I have had MANY obstacles trying to lose my baby weight after having my 3rd child last October.

A hip injury has held me back from running, walking and doing Turbo. It will be a good to do those things again without pain

I do get some telling me that “this is what happens to your body after kids” or “I may not get back to where I once was”…I know there are no ill intentions intended but my goals for sticking to my health/fitness are to be STRONG, LEAN, FIT, HEALTHY and to be comfortable in my own skin. When I put a shirt on, I don’t want to tug on it anymore because my middle is still a little bigger.

I AM NOT GIVING UP!! I CHOOSE to make health/fitness a priority in my life. Small goals one day at a time–baby steps.

Don’t give up, Don’t quit, Don’t give into that negative voice in your head…set the bar HIGHER! I KNOW you can do this & I KNOW how you feel….I am STILL there right now!

If you have a coach, take advantage of their support! If you don’t & you need one…message me. You are not alone in this!! That is why I run fitness support groups! 🙂


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