What is Coaching?

I have been asked quite a bit what it is I do as a coach. It is quite a lot simpler than most might believe.

I had been working as a personal trainer at a local all women’s gym and loved it! I had many wonderful clients and built many friendships, some of which I still maintain!

I had my first baby in 2007 and needed a way to exercise outside of the gym because they didn’t have a daycare to bring my little one. I discovered Turbo Jam on t.v. and fell in love with it! I would put my baby in a pack-n-play next to me and do my workout. I had so much fun working out that I couldn’t wait for my next session!

People were asking what I as doing and I was telling everyone about this AWESOME workout I had discovered! I was approached with this coaching opportunity which I hesitated about for a couple months but I was already doing what coaching required–sharing my story with others, having success on my program and helping others get healthy! Since starting my coaching business from home, I was able to quit my part time personal training job and stay at home with my kids while still helping others in fitness.

All “coaching” is is wanting other people in your life to get healthy and being on your journey with them. We were all  customers that had success on the programs/products and wanted to pay it forward  and be supportive to other people 🙂

Here is a video my friend and I did explaining a bit more in depth what it is all about.


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