Fitness Progress

  I am not immune to getting frustrated or discouraged with where I am in my fitness journey just because I “work” in fitness. I just had a little meltdown this weekend because of not being able to fit into a bigger pair of jeans yet. I shed tears in frustration as I am working […]

Chicken/Salsa Stew

I had a friend of mine bring me this recipe when we had our little Lola! This is what I will call Chicken/Salsa stew! It was just delicious and my kiddos loved it too! So clean and healthy and I want to share it with you!                   […]

Healthy Turkey Chili

One of our most favorite recipes to make! It is a great recipe to make in the fall/winter to keep warm and it is also one you can make a big batch of and eat throughout the week! Excellent source of protein!!   Ingredients 1 pound lean ground turkey 1/2 diced tomatoes 8 oz can […]

Why is Shakeology So Expensive??

As a Beachbody fitness Coach, I get the question a lot about why Shakeology is so expensive, but when you put it into perspective it’s quite a value. Shakeology is a value because of all the packed nutrition and extremely high quality ingredients. There’s 70+ really healthy ingredients. It’s your one-stop-shop for nutrition because it […]

I DO Have a REAL Job

I have been told quite a bit by others that I will have to find a “real” job. Well I am here to say that I DO have a real job. When I would get told this, it would often hurt a little but then I think they must not understand what it is I […]

Post Baby…I Have Great Tools & Support

My third pregnancy has been quite a trip! Much more challenging than my last two. I find it much tougher this time around. I do my best to keep up with my workouts although I had to take it down to low impact Turbo Fire earlier than I have before.  I refuse to give up […]

Home or Gym?

It is so funny for me to think that I worked in a gym doing personal training for quite a few years but for a number of those years I didn’t exercise in the gym at all. I relied on the gym for my income but at the same time I didn’t use it. Kinda […]

Is Your Nutrition Holding You Back?

Are you on track with your fitness and nutrition? Or do you not know quite where to start? If you’re already working out, then your results, or lack of them, is usually mostly due to your eating habits…   Let’s start with the basics… One of the most important tools you can have on a […]

Getting in Shape after Baby

I know many of you (I will be SOON!) are looking to get back in shape after having a baby. There are a few things to remember when you are looking to start getting your pre-pregnancy figure back. Remember that it took you 9 months to put your pregnancy weight on and it will take […]

Tony Horton’s Sticky Bar Snack

A fun snack that we like to make and the kids even love it!! We use a natural peanut butter but you could try it with PB2 and let me know how it works for you! We use PB2 a lot in our house but just haven’t tried it with this recipe before.