What is Coaching?

I have been asked quite a bit what it is I do as a coach. It is quite a lot simpler than most might believe. I had been working as a personal trainer at a local all women’s gym and loved it! I had many wonderful clients and built many friendships, some of which I still […]

Misconceptions of Coaching

I have had many conversations about what I do as a coach and the misconceptions I had about it. Here are the things I hear often from people who may be interested in this business…. I even had my doubts until I was educated. I was so far off! MISCONCEPTIONS 1. You have to be […]

I DO Have a REAL Job

I have been told quite a bit by others that I will have to find a “real” job. Well I am here to say that I DO have a real job. When I would get told this, it would often hurt a little but then I think they must not understand what it is I […]

What I Do as a Coach

What Do I Do As a Team Beachbody Coach? I often get asked what exactly it is that I do as a Beachbody Coach.  I try to keep the answer simple as it is something I just fit into my lifestyle. I have a passion for paying it forward and sharing health/fitness with others. Here […]

Tips for Success in Your Fitness Journey

Here we are again at the time of year when we are all thinking about setting those New Year’s Resolutions  Probably about 90% of those resolutions are fitness/health related. We have all had good intentions at the beginning of the year when we set out to acheive those fitness goals and then they fade out after […]

Coach Summit 2012

I was so blessed to have been apart of the annual Beachbody Coach Summit. To be surrounded by all the people I workout with everyday on TV, to be surrounded by them IN PERSON was amazing! All that positive energy, determination and success was surreal. We had coach led training meetings, workouts and parties. We […]