Coach Summit 2012

I was so blessed to have been apart of the annual Beachbody Coach Summit. To be surrounded by all the people I workout with everyday on TV, to be surrounded by them IN PERSON was amazing! All that positive energy, determination and success was surreal. We had coach led training meetings, workouts and parties. We celebrated successes in both business and weight loss. We heard so many stories of people on their weight loss journey and saw how far they had come personally and professionally.

A few things that I learned about myself and about running my own coaching business is first CONFIDENCE. Being so confident in what I am promoting and doing is huge! I can not be afraid to share fitness with people! It is too important NOT to share it! I am not a salesperson…I just have a passion for fitness and want to SHARE it with everyone I know! I came to the conclusion that I can no longer feel “bad” or “sorry” that I have this excitement for health/fitness. I just have to run with it! I want to help motivate and support people to become their very best.

Met my upline coach/role model at Summit

Secondly, this is a constant journey. We are always a work in progress and striving for our personal best. None of us are perfect and we will all stumble and fall but we just have to get back up and continue moving forward. By practicing what I preach to others about fitness and health is crucial for me. I have to be living what I am telling everyone else to do! Reading personal development and surrounding yourself with like minded, supportive people is key factor in being successful in your fitness journey. If you have family/friends that support you in reaching your goals, that is priceless. What a privilege it is to be a role model of health for your friends/family! It is all about building relationships…it is our stories that inspire others!

My last take away was COMMIT. This was the theme of our Coach Summit this year. To COMMIT is to give yourself wholeheartedly to something you believe in but you don’t give up until you achieve it. I am COMMITTED to helping end this trend of obesity. I am COMMITTED to my own fitness journey and paying it forward helping others reach their goals.

If someone approaches me for help, I will do what it takes to support and motivate them to reach their goals. Words can’t describe the feeling of seeing someone reach their goals and being so excited about how far they have come!

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